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Enhancing food safety control in fisheries exports to Russia

WEDnesday - 19/02/2014 14:01
Enhancing food safety control in fisheries exports to Russia

Enhancing food safety control in fisheries exports to Russia

This is one of the text content in some newly 1407/QLCL-CL1 Quality Assurance Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (Nafiqad), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued.
To avoid the risk of Vietnam seafood products for export to the Russian Federation (Russian Federation) is the Department of Animal and Plant Quarantine of the Russian Federation (VPSS) warning not guarantee food safety and the application of control measures strict (increased inspection frequency,; temporary suspension of imports), requested the basis Nafiqad seafood exports to Russia actively review and enhance control conditions to ensure food safety (food safety).

At the same time, the implementation of quality management programs to effectively control the microbiological hazards in the production process at the facility in accordance with the regulations of Vietnam and Russia.

Particularly Co. Ltd. Minh Qui Seafood, Nafiqad organizational requirements traceability to determine the cause of the shipment of frozen prawn VPSS be warned basis microbial infection and prefer moist facultative anaerobic exceed the permitted limits, through the review of the entire record producer shipments above; establish and implement appropriate corrective actions.

Before that, according to information from Nafiqad , by detecting microbial pathogens and toxic chemicals, day 9-8, VPSS written notice inspection regime applies to strengthen food safety norms for shipments of food of animal origin imported from over 20 countries and imported seafood suspended for 2 business New Zealand, Norway.

As for Vietnam, VPSS notice applies enhanced inspection regime for export shipments into the Russian Federation Ltd. Minh Qui Seafood detected by the first shipment of the frozen black tiger shrimp Popular basis microbial infections and anaerobic facultative wet exceed permissible limits.

During the application of the enhanced inspection regime, if shipments continue to detect violations of the enterprise, the VPSS will consider adopting measures to temporarily suspend the importation of products of the enterprise.
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