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Regulations on the maintainance, extension, reduction of the scope, suspension and cancellation of certification

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1.    Objective
Regulate the uniformity of the maintainance, extension, reduction of the scope, suspension and cancellation of certification.

2.    Scope of application
This process applies to the activities of maintaining, extending or reducing the scope, suspending or cancelling the certification of VCC&C.

3.    Definitions, abbreviations and reference materials
a)    Definitions and abbreviations:
-         GCN: Certification;
-         DCN: Certification mark;
-         KPH: Non-compliance;

b)    Reference material :
-         Viet Nam standard 7457:2004 (ISO/IEC Guide 65:1996): General requirements for organizations operating product certification system;

4.    Contents
a)   General regulation
After certified,  VCC&C will conduct monitoring the maintainance and implementation of regulation requirements with certified units.  
Certified organization want to extend or reduce the scope of certification should submit the request for exending and reducing the scope of certification to VCC&C. And VCC&C will conduct assessing the specific requirements relating to expanding or reducing the scope.

Suspension of certification is the suspension with the time-limit for certification use of the customers under decision making by VCC&C.
Withdraw of certification is the withdraw of issued certification in case of customer is not compliance with the certification requirements of VCC&C under decision making by VCC&C.  

b)   Maintenance of certification
Certified customers must maintain the implementation of management system and maintenance of certification during the period of validity of certificate;
Re-issuance of certification: Certification has the validity of 1 year, VCC&C annually will re-assess customers and re-issue the certificates for the next year according to the requirements of standard as the requests of customer.

c)  Extension, reduction of certification scope
During the period of validity of the certificate, in case of the certified customers have a big changes on: ownership; location; organizational structure; leadership representatives; expanding/reducing factories, products or production scope (size, yield, number of members); resources have an important impact to management system and standard updates must be notified promptly in writing to VCC&C for assessment of extension/reduction of certification scope.   
Depending on the level of change, VCC&C will deal with customers in the implementation of additional monitoring inspection.

d) Suspension of certification:
VCC&C will suspend the certified customers in the period of 3 months in the following cases:
Being complained together with the evidence showed that unit/organization is not maintain the conformity of management system and/certified products with the certification requirements.
If during the process of monitoring inspection, VCC&C recognized that clients do not comply with the certification requirements, certification regulations.   
Do not perform the requests for the corrective actions accepted according to the specified timeline.

e) Cancellation of certification:
The Certificate and period of validity of management system certification and/or products being granted to customer will be canceled if they are in one of the following cases: 
Customer did not correct the errors being suspended under specified timeline.  
Customer does not make full payment for the assessment cost as prescribed. 
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