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Resolution of Complaints and Appeals

WEDnesday - 19/02/2014 08:34

1.    Objective: 

To ensure the complaints and appeals are resolved quickly, transparently, exactly when receiving the complaints and appeals from clients, complainants or appellants.

2.    Scope:

The criticisms, suggestions, feedbacks – complaints and appeals of the clients with respect to certification activities of VCC&C.

3.    Responsibility:

Complaint and Appeal Committee and certification personnel of VCC&C are responsible for implementing this procedure.

In case of complaint / appeal is not satisfactorily resolved, Complaint and Appeal Committee shall request Technical Advisory Board to review the claim for resolving.

The members of the Complaint and Appeal Committee and Technical Advisory Board, who participate in the resolution process, are ensured in terms of impartiality and no conflict of interest related to the issue, the complainant or the appellant.

4.    Contents:

Complaints may be sent to VCC&C via: telephone, fax, email, website.

Appeals shall be sent to VCC&C in writing. VCC&C does not accept the anonymous appeal or the appeal not mentioning the reasons or specific evidences.

4.1    Complaints:

Upon receipt, the secretary shall fill in monitoring log the content of the complaint, report to the Complaint and Appeal Committee, and, at the same time, send a reply to the client / complainant to confirm the receipt of the complaint.

The Complaint and Appeal Committee shall be responsible for investigation of the complaint. Depending on the case and issue of the complaint, the Complaint and Appeal Committee shall designate an appropriate person to investigate. Designated person shall be ensured that there is no relation with the complainant.

In 10 working days, the Complaint and Appeal Committee shall inform related parties (complainant and the scheme owner) about steps to be taken for resolving and results to be expected.

During investigation, investigation audit is taken to clarify the complaint, meet with related parties to verify necessary information associate with the complaint.

If complaint is right, VCC&C shall have appropriate corrective action and corresponding decision, and immediately advise the complainant and related parties in 30 days.

If the investigation audit does not reach the result and need more time to complete, VCC&C shall advise related parties.

All documents that relate to process of receipt, investigation way of solution are documented and reported in annual meeting of Technical Advisory Board.

VCC&C ensures not to use personnel who have relation to the complainant or participated in the audit process.

4.2    Appeals:

Appeals received are documented and communicated to the Complaint and Appeal Committee.

Complaint and Appeal Committee shall ensure that personnel, who participate in the process of reviewing and handling appeals, do not have any relation to appellant and participated in the audit process.

Upon receipt, Complaint and Appeal Committee is responsible to consider, check the content, investigate and inform appellant.

Appeals shall not be solved by changing the certification scope to remove a problem in the scope of the certification granted.

If results of handling appeals are disagreeable, Appellant or VCC&C shall ask Technical Advisory Board to jointly review the claim.

The Technical Advisory Board shall review evidences and its members’ comments, Chairman of the Technical Advisory Board completes investigation, identifies appropriate actions and make decisions.

- If VCC&C‘s decision is accurate, Chairman of Technical Advisory Board shall advise in writing to individual / organization, who has appeals, and VCC&C of the correctness of decision granted.

- If VCC&C‘s decision is inaccurate, Chairman of Technical Advisory Board shall advise in writing to individuals / organizations, who has appeals, of actions proposed by VCC&C, accepted by Technical Advisory Board.

The Chairman of Technical Advisory Board shall reply in writing to individuals / organizations about results of monitoring the implementation of VCC&C’s corrective actions.

Time limit from receipt of appeals to reply of results from monitoring the implementation of corrective actions is 30 days.

All appeals and their solutions shall be reported in annual meeting of VCC&C and Technical Advisory Board.

All related documents and records to appeals, checking, handling, monitoring and decisions shall be retained and updated on Multitrace.

If you have any complaint / appeal related to our services, please send us detailed information by mail, email, phone or contact form.

Tel: 84.28.38246371 / 38246372
Email: receivingcomplaint.appeal@gmail.com

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