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Process of certification audit

FRIday - 14/02/2014 09:52
No Steps Implementation
1 Initial contact/receiving documents VCC&C and customers exchange information to clarify the requirements of certification
Customer sends documents and sign the service contract with
2 Document review /audit   VCC&C reviews and requests for adding information, documents if needed
3 Audit on site VCC&C builds the team for audit on site:
-Management system, samples of partners
Checking of corrective actions (if any) Audit team verifies, reviews the evidence of corrective actions (if any)
4 Verification VCC&C conducts verifying the results of audit
5 Issuance of certificate If the result is compliance with the requirements of certification, VCC&C conducts for issuance of certificate.
The period of validity of certificate is 1 year 
6 Research audit VCC&C will conduct for research audit to ensure the maintenance of certification requirements. 
7 Re-audit  Expired period of validity, VCC&C will conduct for re-audit (as customer’s requirements).  
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