Information privacy policy

Information privacy policy describes the privacy principles that we commit to not disclosing information belonging to customers as required.
All employees involved in certification activities comply with the requirements related to confidentiality of information obtained during the certification process by signing a commitment to the Code of Conduct and Confidentiality. 
The principles related to information security are as follows:

 - All information in the certification file is confidential;
 - Access to the information contained in the certification file is allowed only to the certifying personnel;
 - Access to information in certification or disclosure documents is only possible with the customer's written consent;
 Information of any kind, including equipment, images, text or information in tangible or intangible form, obtained during the certification process, is not disclosed to third parties and is not used for professional activities other than the certification process;
 - At the end of the retention period, certification records must be destroyed and electronic records also deleted;
 - Access to internal documents and records of VCC&C is only made with the approval of the legal representative and the consent of the customer.

 The Information Security Principles do not apply to information that has been made public and/or is required to be made public under certification scheme rules, regulations, applicable laws, or contractual agreements.
 In case there is cooperation with an external company/individual to carry out activities with VCC&C or on behalf of VCC&C, the confidentiality agreement must be signed when there is a commitment to confidentiality of information. for certification activities.
 We also implement best practices regarding the security of Information Technology and apply appropriate security measures to protect all electronic information and communications of our customers.

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